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Babyy Og is making a statement

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Rapper Babyy Og of Gray, Indiana is a problem. Dropping hit after hit and showing no signs of slowing down, this young rapper is hot on the radar. Having debuted this year, the artist has quickly gained traction for his music. Collecting over 350k streams this year alone is no small task in the opening year. Babyy Og says his homies and family keep him going, when feeling like giving up it’s the constant reminder from friends and family that better days are ahead of the storm.

Knowing his worth, Babyy Og said, “ I would only sign a deal if it allowed me freedom to drop when I please, I don’t want to be a slave to any contract”. We were curious to know how he got his name and he replied, “I was heavily influenced by Eazy-E growing up. I just happened to stumble upon west coast old school hip hop in the young money era, I was in a totally different world than everybody else musically. I feel like most people my age don’t even know music history, That’s where I got the OG from and baby because I’m a student of the game at the same time. A wise student of the game is what you can call me. Babyy Og Even how I dress has been different since I was a kid.”

We are excited to see what’s next from Babyy Og! Until then Follow him on Instagram @iibabyyog

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