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What Mia Has To Say To Those Coming Up Today

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Mia is a powerhouse young artist who is making a name for herself in the music industry while hitting career milestones left and right. A Colombian-American living in Miami, Mia is consistently influenced by artist like Karol G, C. Tangana, and Rosalia, and loves to network throughout the city as she navigates through her career.

Understanding that content and marketing are both key aspects to making it in the music industry, Mia is tackling both while building her social media profiles and expanding her modeling career. Mia explains:

“… I want to disrupt the music video industry with groundbreaking ideas and concepts. I think that I have only scraped the surface to what I can become.”

Despite her young age, Mia has vast experience across industries that have given her the wisdom she has today. To those coming up today, she stresses the importance of not letting the business change you, but that you should be the one to change the business. She knows the power of being unique with your own style, and not trying to fit into the mold like everyone else.

Looking into the future, Mia plans on expanding her career both musically and entrepreneurially, and you can look forward to her first EP which should be releasing by the end of the year. You can stay up-to-date with Mia and her latest projects by following her on Instagram.

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