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Desiree Schlotz ’s “Mykonos” is the light in your darkness

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In recent years, Desiree Schlotz has risen to prominence as a rising musical talent. As long as she keeps putting out new songs, she’ll be delivering us back-to-back hits. What we don’t know about her future plans excites us as much as they do the fans.

With Rumor Records, Desiree Schlotz has been extremely forthcoming about her vision for the song. New listeners will appreciate how they’ve shown respect for her decisions and provided suggestions on how to improve the song. That their partnership would result in such a wonderful end was obvious.

The song “Mykonos” is a vehicle for expressing oneself. Even if you are having a bad day, this song will lift your spirits and make you feel better. “Mykonos” is a great song for expressing feelings through music.

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