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West Chester, Ohio Artist Roxé Paves His Own Positive Path

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One artist whose name has been popping up is Roxé from West Chester, Ohio. So much of the music industry has been poluted with sex, drugs, and violance that Roxe felt he was called to do something a little different.


Just about two months ago, Roxé released his debut single and music video, JESUS (Kingdom Of Love).It contains no explicit language nor promotes sex, violance or drugs. As a matter of fact, Roxé did the complete opposite. In this song Roxé is preaching a message of faith and positivity to his brothers and sisters in the world.


This versatility has been well-received and is the reason why Roxé has had a successful first release. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and with aspirations of one day making a gospel record with Justin Bieber, Roxé is stamping his name in the industry as a rapper for the Lord.
Watch his latest video below:

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