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Rapper & Entrepreneur Lil Piru Creates Piru Music Group LLC

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Michael Cortez with the stage name, Lil Piru, started his company along with his two partners in order to create a foundation for their future endeavors. He is no longer just a rapper but now a company and has plans to strategically market both his music and brand through PMG. He is now looking to sign artists in the near future and help them via my connections and resources that he has acquired over recent years. Unfortunately due to the lack of help he had in his early career he had to learn along the way to get to the level he currently is. Now he aims to help others that have talent and put his knowledge to use to help upcoming artists all over the world


Lil Piru is now working with Instagram influencers, Youtuber’s, big name artists, talent agencies, publicists, promoters and record labels primarily in Los Angeles and New York City. Always looking to expand and grow both their clientele and our outreach on social media. When he was released from prison back in 2019 he has some memories that he shared in an interview, “I remember feeling stuck with no hope and no outlet to help me push my name and my music , I was lost and WorldStarHipHop covered my story and gave me a look when no one else cared. From there I never gave up and now two years later here I am. I hope to use PMG as a voice for the voiceless.” Lil Piru said.


Lil Piru has many reasons why he is not giving up anytime soon, “My motivation for never giving up and being relentless throughout my career, stems from always having to do things the hard way on my own. I never had money, connections or access to anyone in the music industry or anyone who cared. I believe people that work hard and have talent should be able to prosper and rise to the top no matter who they are and where they’re from.” He continues


“In five years I see Piru Music Group LLC being a multi million dollar company with major artists and influencers signed to our label and being a top tier name in the industry along the lines of Cash Money Records and major record labels.” Lil Piru concludes.

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