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Ruby Recordings Offering Artists a Haven to Thrive and Grow in the Music Industry

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The independent artist life can be draining and quite challenging, especially for artists just kicking off their careers when things are so competitive in the music industry. Record labels are set up to cushion things for new artists, and that’s what Ruby Recordings has done for the last six years.

Founded by Travon Howard, also known as Trizzy, Ruby Recordings has grown beyond just a record label but as a full-fledged entertainer company that is fully involved in the journey of its artists. Ruby Recordings’ services include artist development, public relations, touring, and concert productions, which means the record company does not only bring an artists’ talents to life, it also works with the artist in monetizing their craft and getting their name out in the world. Ruby Recordings also has a lucrative distribution deal with Sony’s distribution company, The Orchard.

The founder, Trizzy, set out as an independent rapper looking to build a successful career in music. But seeing how many other artists needed a big break, proper management, distribution strategies, and branding, he decided to establish an independent record label that has grown in the last six years with its artist rotation, reputation, and growth level.

Ruby Recordings has achieved tremendous growth thanks to its laser-focused founder, who has worked tirelessly to facilitate meaningful corporate and industry partnerships. With artists like Lifeof9000, JT5K, Michael Wavves, AB Tazz, Haitian Fresh, Steevy Franch, and Moeschino on its roster, the company has been busy navigating different parts of the entertainment industry and making its artists’ famous while at it.

Ruby Recordings’ mission is to help aspiring artists grow organically. The passion for making that happen has been incredibly unwavering as the growth of these artists has translated into growth for the company. The record company has also been screening music demos from artists looking for a record label. In addition, the CEO has reiterated the company’s commitment to sign more artists and get more people into the spotlight.

Building a business is not new terrain for Trizzy as he was once a student of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!). His goal is to make Ruby Recordings an exciting company to partner with or be affiliated with. Trizzy started his music journey as a producer in the late 2000s. By the mid-2010s, he began to gain some attention and released a single, “Pop That”, featuring John Boy and FriO Isa Blaque. The song he produced got over 250,000 streams and set him on his path for his career as a music artist and a record label executive, helping other musicians find their balance in the industry.

Ruby Recordings was built on the premise of charting one’s course, which is what every artist signed to the label is doing with their career. “Create your own footsteps and do your thing. Nobody’s got you the way you got yourself. So, do you,” Trizzy advised.

In a few years, Ruby Recordings hopes to sign multiple successful charting artists. With artist openings still available and calling for artists to send their demos, there is so much in stock from the company, and the founder has assured the world to be on the lookout for what they’re about to create. “The secret to raising awareness in today’s flooded independent market is thinking differently. At Ruby, we’re doing things unconventional by giving as many artists a chance at the same time. It won’t hurt anybody if they all become successful. That’s it. We’re not scared of taking that risk,” Trizzy added.

Learn more about Ruby Recordings on the official website or follow the official Twitter page for updates.


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