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Robin Kadir: The Hitmaker Behind ‘Sanka’ on His Way to LA

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From dropping back-to-back smash summer singles to winning a French award for music video directing, Swedish artist, DJ and producer Robin Kadir has certainly been keeping himself busy.

Teaching himself to DJ as a young adult, Kadir entered the industry through DJing local parties and clubs. As he started taking his craft more seriously, those parties and clubs soon stopped being so local; in 2018 Kadir was invited to play at Boston Calling after just a handful of months of DJing professionally. From there he went on to appear at Way Out West and Lollapalooza, along with touring the entirety of Sweden.

That touring was put to an abrupt stop with the arrival of Mrs. Pandemic, forcing Kadir to adjust his strategy. As an artist who previously dropped 1-2 singles a year while focusing on his live shows, social distancing could’ve made things difficult for Kadir. Having always had an interest in music production, Kadir knew this was the time to double-down on his efforts in the craft and make a name for himself as a hip-hop producer.

This led to him collaborating with Swedish rappers JireelMacky, and A36 on a song called Sanka. The track quickly gained attention as a summer bop and sold gold within Sweden in just a few months. It’s only the 3rd track Kadir has ever released, and now he’s hungry for more.

With his debut album slated for a 2022 release, Kadir is excited to be fully immersing himself in the world of production. Working with English and Kurdish-speakers in addition to his Swedish collaborators, Kadir is crafting an international sound that’ll play well to audiences in any city.

Creative to his core, Kadir has never been one to restrict his self-expression. Back in 2018 he won the Best New Talent Music Video award at the Clubbing TV Awards in France after directing a video for fellow Swedish artist Felix Sandman. Whether the project is visual or sonic, Kadir’s artistry bleeds through in everything that he does.

Moving to LA at the beginning of February 2022, Kadir has no plans to slow down anytime soon. His management is already coordinating with venues, booking him where restrictions allow, and on his part Kadir is networking with both American and UK artists, gathering English verses for his debut album. We personally can’twait to hear it.

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