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MatrixKid713 Announces New Single Titled “Naomi Osaka”

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Upcoming rap artist from Houston, Texas MatrixKid713 has been creating music since his days of being in high school, now being 20 years old he has realized his passion is being in the music industry. His biggest influences for his music is learning the culture from T.I., the pain he has from losing his mother at the age of 16 has motivated him to go hard in his choice of career. MatrixKid has been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic; stashing away hits of gold.He has a new song coming out on 10/15/21 that’s about to be released to all platforms titled “Naomi Osaka”, it will also be on his upcoming project.
Stay tuned for what MatrixKid713 has in store and be prepared for his upcoming singles off his project, keep up with him on Instagram; @neo_hills

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