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Interview With Atlanta’s Own Lucky Dinero

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Meet an upcoming superstar from Atlanta Georgia before we get to the Q and A segment. Go check out his music and new music video today ! He’s soon to drop his new deluxe album CHERRY2 and dropped his first single + music video off it ! 

1. What is your name/stage name?

A: I go by the name of the LUCKY DINERO But I did have a couple different names before that until I came up with that one and got satisfied and that describes me not only that but it also has a ring to it.  I guess coming up with a stage name is always the hard part in the first thing to do in my opinion

2. When is your birthday?

A: I was born on September 20, 1992 if anybody’s asking I’m a Virgo LOL.. now that I think about it I always felt like there was a lot of September babies I met a lot of people born  in September plus I share a zodiac sign with a lot of those celebrities which is dope!!

3. Where are you from?

A: I was born and raise from Atlanta Georgia in Atlanta Georgia Gwinnett county Nawfside I actually went to the same school with the Migos high school but middle school I got it a lot of memories with them for sure and I love my city and the people in it but I always feel like Los Angeles was my second home I might move there someday for sure I get a lot of my fans and supporters from there which is a blessing.

4. What do you do?

A: well first I’m a music recording artist and a songwriter but I also started making beats and I tell you what producing is adult feeling knowing that you make your own sound and you can say “you made that you made it all”

My first beat wasn’t all that but I definitely progressed and got better with my craft on my new music has production by me which I can’t wait to release with my upcoming CHERRY2 album.

5. How long have you been making music?

A: I have been making music for over 11 years but started taking it serious for half of those as in putting money and taking my time with my craft and networking definitely putting my all into what I am working on but yeah I just started off with a guitar hero Mic and a program called cool edit pro on a desktop with big club speakers including radio speakers how did I manage to connect it I don’t remember LOL but it worked then of course I upgraded my studio and got better at engineering and started recording myself for a couple of those years until my computer got a virus forward to now I go to a studio here in Atlanta called “next level sound”  with a great engineer name “Just Jerry” where they make me sound amazing and I think they help find my sound and that’s where I’m at today currently. Probably for ever!

6. What was your first song/project?

A: if you’re referring to one of my songs or projects I would have to say my album released in 2020 titled “Eighty Five” which is on all platforms but I love every song on there and it was different for me and I feel like it help me grow more listeners and new fans . I’m a versatile artist but that was definitely different versatility that I gave and I feel like it was  a solid project if you ask me it’s kind of post Malone’s Trippie Redd’s the kid laroi’s vibes .. but my favorite song now that’s a hard question I love all my songs Haha

7. Who’s your inspiration?

A: Who is my inspiration now that’s tough but I’ll say my inspirations currently the lil Wayne,  nav, tTory Lanez, Ludacris, 070 shake, frank ocean 6lak, Outkast a lot of Texas music and a lot of music for sure can’t forget Memphis but honestly a lot of artists definitely have an influence and impact on me I know I can’t name a lot of them so I would just stop there.

8. What genre of music do you create?

A: I said I make hip-hop melodic but then again I’m so versatile and it depends in the mood I’m in I can create just about anything I guess that falls into my songwriting skills. One day I can make a melodic song and then the next hour I can make some thing trap so it all depends really.

9. Do you come up with your video concepts?

A: are you talking about music videos? Most of the content I do create myself but I also like to get input in opinions from others for sure especially if they have good ideas or something to bring to the table but if I am a blank I definitely will let the Director do his thing because that’s their job and that’s what they’re good at. So sometimes I just sit back and let the camera person do his thing.

10. What was it like working with _____________

A: to be honest I haven’t worked with any major artist yet that’s definitely one of my goals to accomplish but I do wanna work with many talented artist from artist like lil baby to trill Sammy to be honest. So I’m praying on that hopefully it happens soon I’m just staying down patiently wait until my time comes but I’ve definitely been ready .

11. What are some features you have?

A: I haven’t done any major features yet but I have worked with many local artists but I’m definitely in the works on working with major artist right now don’t wanna spoil anything yeah we just have to wait and keep updated including producers! I’m still and I will come in artist but definitely getting recognized hard work is paying off and it’s showing.

12. What are some features you want to get?

A: i’ll keep this answer short and straight to the point. who don’t I wanna work with there’s so many dope artist out right now that I wouldn’t mind to work with anybody. But for now I definitely want to work with more producers in the game from 808 mafia all the way to Kanye West.

13. Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?

A: 50 Cent, Tupac, biggie, Speaker Knockerz, Gucci Mane, Tory lane he fire for sure Kodak yo Gotti, Moneybagg yo, nip drake the list can go on for sure!

14. Are you signed to a label? 

A: Nope lol not yet .

15. Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?

A: I don’t think I’m ready for a deal unless the money is right of course but I wouldn’t mind a distribution deal or a partnership for sure but if I had to pick a label I definitely will go with empire I mean why not who not with that camp.

16. Who are your biggest supporters?

A: my biggest supporters of course is my friends and family and I can’t forget about my friends I love them but I’m only getting bigger and growing but I love anybody who supports me but my main supporter is  my self without me! My ambition and drive with motivation that’s the combo there  i mean shhh I wouldn’t be this far I would think.

17. Where did your name come from?

A: I create in my name but also my brother help me with it who is currently doing time in prison but hopefully will be out soon but he definitely has some influence on it and it’s out from there in stuck . We were just in my home studio and I asked him I need a new name something different and we were coming up with different ideas my name was already lucky but we added some thing else to it which is where Dinero falls in place money has always been my motivation and I fell in love with my first $10 and from there I love making money. So that’s that!

18. Do you write your own material?

A: of course I write my own material but sometimes when I’m in a studio surrounded by my friends they do have some input sometimes can’t forget that but most of the time I do write my own stuff I’m not gonna sit here and lie I mostly freestyle and punch-in but I do write for other people from time to time or sometimes just help writing. That also depends on my creative space I guess.

19. Do you create your own music video concepts?

A: for the most part but like I said when it comes to any video work I do but if it’s a music video I’ll let the Director do his thing for sure. Most of my music videos are on private right now I’m trying to release new material good better content and refresh myself.

20. What’s your favorite music to listen to?

A: really I listen to anything I’m the type of person of the song makes me move my head most of the time I like the song I can go from rock all the way to country but I don’t like heavy-metal right I just can’t listen to it I tried lol but yeah I can listen to anything even oldies.

21. What are you currently working on?

A: I drop the album called CHERRY it went crazy and now I’m working on a album titled CHERRY2 like a deluxe to it which I’m trying to drop later this month people are asking for it so why not give them more right? But that’s the current project I’m working on and I’m going to give updates on that soon stay tune it’s more on trap type of vibes the first one was more summer music for the club I guess or summer in general.

22. What is your latest release?

A: my latest release is a track called “no love” it’s currently on all digital platforms it’s a good melodic song and it’s getting good Notre radiation especially from California to Atlanta even Brazil and United Kingdom crazy never thought I’ll be there for a touch of some of the places. I can’t wait to grow more and go on tour someday for sure.

23. When is your next release?

A: CHERRY2 is Dustin to drop sometime this month may be in the middle or towards the end but it’s definitely something to look forward to I’m more on my trap side and there’s gonna be nothing but heat for the streets but I’m going to drop a single and video first.

24. Are you the type to pull up alone or with a group of people?

A: depends on the function or event but most of the time I like to be alone and if I am with a group of people it’s no more than five and those are just my clothes people I keep around with me at all times I can literally count my close friends with one hand and they’re solid and I wouldn’t change it for anything but it depends if it’s a club or a show then I’ll come deep but the studio will probably just be me and five other people.

25. What is one stage you want to sell-out?

A: of course the Mercedes stadium but I wouldn’t mind selling out the staple center those are definitely some of my goals once I go on tour hopefully soon I can do that and accomplish that but I really wouldn’t mind selling out anything selling out any show in general is a blessing. Even if it’s a club I want to shut it down and make it something people remember.

26. Where is one place you want to travel to perform?

A: United Kingdom, Brazil, anything overseas of course but my top would probably be Dubai why not lol I would have to say Jamaica it’s gonna have to be next but I just want to travel in general. I wouldn’t mind doing a show somewhere on a beach.

27. What’s the biggest crowd that you have performed for?

A: I want to say 500 to 1000 people that’s only because I open up for a major Artist at “believes hall” in Atlanta Georgia that was a dope experience and gave me the feeling like I want to do this more I want to go bigger it’s coming I see it though I’ll still be thankful regardless.

28. Who’s someone you can see yourself on tour with? 

A: right now right now I would have to say lil baby he’s one of my top artist right now and he seems like a cool person I’m sure it would be dope vibes and energy on a tour bus lol just know I’m innocent. But yeah that’s probably who I would go on tour with right now if I had the opportunity. Lil baby where you at dawggg?? Hahaha.

29. Who produces your music?

A: in all honestly if it’s not my engineer Jerry I get my beats from my email which gets flooded and I have to make new emails from time to time or sometimes if I can’t find anything of course I would just go on YouTube and find a dope beat and go from there and see if I can purchase the lease or exclusive and then create something out of that but yeah of course me but it all depends if I find something somewhere else.

30. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I probably see myself with a lot of endorsement deals and probably an acting but I’ll see myself in a big house that I always wanted I’m probably just chilling somewhere far away but still in the music working with artists and releasing stuff of course music is always been my passion so I know for sure I’m still gonna be doing that whether it’s behind the scenes or not but I definitely see myself in a better position situation I just go with the journey and go with the flow.

31. What’s your favorite clothing brand?

A: I like anything from designer to vintage clothes but I love custom wear anything that’s custom-made and different I would definitely wear I’m barely getting more into fashion for instants like shoes it’s becoming an addiction but not bad but I’m going broke of course but yeah I would wear anything that looks dope even if it’s a non-big brand.

32. Where do you shop?

A: mostly online but lately has been on Instagram I like getting clothes or anything from local or upcoming brands of all sorts so if anybody wants to send me some clothes tap in let’s make it happen. If it’s dope I’ll buy it.

33. What’s your favorite type of car?

A: lately I’ve been liking the demons, hellcats, anything from those sorts of cars but if you’re talking about a dream car I want a Lamborghini truck for sure all blacked out with red guts and when I get a raptor right?

 34. What’s your favorite place to travel to?

A: I haven’t traveled a lot lately I’ve been in Atlanta all my life I only been to New York, Texas and Mexico but I want to go London or Cali next . But this year I’m gonna make it happen so y’all will see me soon in your city.

 35. Did COVID change your career for better or worse?

A: of course it changed me in many ways he showed me how important it is to be at home with self-care and then made me work on my music and perfect it and he’s gotten better but it changed me in many ways it shows that this world is more to it than it is so you Gotta be thankful but it definitely humbled me and made me a better person but it has because now I have net work with so many people specially in the industry.

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