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Aysia The Next Big Thing in Pop Culture Brings Out “Privacy”

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Aysia is one of the hottest artists on the music scene, as her latest hit single “Privacy” attests. Her voice has the feel of a fine, rich wine that just envelops you. There’s a wonderfully ethereal quality to this young lady’s music, which makes us think you don’t want to miss this new tune from her. 


“Privacy” has subtle R&B, electronic beats that are both uplifting and sensual at the same time. Based in Houston, Texas, and hailing from a Filipino/African American/White background, Aysia offers music that is rich in cultural context, and offers a genuine trip in and of itself. 


“Privacy” is a testament to her independence, but also her immense talent. Aysia’s unique sound is relaxing, which cements it as one of the most exciting releases this year. It’s the sort of tune that allows you to fly, and dance to the music, with your eyes closed, and forget yourself. And these days, not all that many songs can achieve that effect, which is all the more reason you should check out Aysia’s “Privacy” ASAP. Even if you’re not typically an R&B fan, her subtle sound and her rich, melodic voice is bound to hit deep, and turn you into a lifelong fan.


Which is a good position to have, since the young artist is gearing up for the release of her first EP, in a major collaboration with UniversalCMG World Entertainment 1954. “Privacy” is the first tune off of that record, and is already making waves among R&B fans and non-fans alike, uniting them once more under the banner of truly tasteful music.


Also, keep an eye out for the music video attached to this exciting song, which is set to attract attention and catch the eye of the musical industry everywhere. We highly recommend that you kick up your feet, and relax to the notes of Aysia’s memorable “Privacy”, now available on Spotify.

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