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Bala Drops Multilingual Banger “Ca M’ke Bo” (Official Music Video)

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Hailing from Albania and based in the United States, recording artist Bala aimed to create blends of multicultural instrumentals and diversity with his newest single “Ca M’ke Bo”. The title translates to “what have you done”, referring to a broken relationship. The artist skillfully alternates between the English and Albanian language throughout the single. 

The music video storyline showcases a damaged romantic relationship. Flash-backing through memories, the artist poses the question, “what have you done to me?” This single has a different vibe from past releases like “Mama” and “Dance”. This proves Bala’s versatility. 

In collaboration with Alandy, producer and artist, the duo indeed released a banger. 

Bala is an up and coming artist that has positively raised the eyebrows of audiences in his multi-country target market. Belonging to Key Management, a powerhouse entertainment company founded and owned by renowned business entertainment figure Eri Dee, they aim to make Bala’s name known in both the western and eastern music audiences. 

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