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Feenyx Brings His Best Stuff On New Track “Boss Up”

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Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia is the Hip Hop artist Feenyx who is looking to make a name for himself by relentlessly pursuing his career in the music industry. He has an extreme passion for the art of music and loves that it gives him the ability to share his experiences with the world through a different medium. Feenyx knows that he has a lot of work to put in before being recognized as one of the best in the game but is trusting the process and letting the universe pan it out for him. He recently dropped a handful of new music including “Boss Up” and it is well worth your time. 


Boss Up” is some of Feenyx’s best work to date and sits atop his Spotify artist streaming profile. Attacking the track off the rip, Feenyx admits that he knows his time is coming, he is just patiently waiting for it. He doesn’t play games and is all-in on his career from this point on. It’s time for him to stay bossed up and stick to his plans if he wants to make it to the top.


Boss Up” is a complete song from top-to-bottom and shows that Feenyx has the talent to turn his dreams into reality. Be sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled for Feenyx as his name, with due time, is about to be one of the hottest in the game.


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