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Who Is Punchmade Dev?

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Everything that rapper Punchmade Dev is a massive success, his music speaks to thousands of fans and he’s only getting bigger and bigger. Speaking on his music, the artist shares, “From the start I was able to buy my own studio equipment with the help of Youtube. I wrote my first ever 3 songs until I tried freestyling for the first time. I work way more efficiently punching in bar for bar and have been recording this way my entire career.”

Inspired the likes of Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and Chief Keef, Dev began releasing tracks around 2019 and instantly grew to viral success, fans noticed that his distinctive style had never been done before in the manner he put it out. What stood out more than anything were Punchmade Dev’s incredibly specific lyrics that at times read as instructions for identity theft, credit card scams, and other high-tech fraud. His song “Neighborhood Star” was amongst one of his most popular, and the lyrics walked listeners through the steps for setting up shop for various computer scams and fun one-liners.

He adds, “Any song I ever put out was engineered by me. I produce the majority of my songs  because I like to have full control over my sound. If I had to describe my music in one word I wouldn’t have an answer for you. I choose to rap about my accomplishments and the wins I take. Hopefully listening to my music motivates you. The background I come from is what makes my music distinctive.”

Receiving praise from numerous blogs, and pegged as “On his way to greatness” by magazines alike, the young artist went from swiping to growing increasingly popular and successful with music. Check out one of Punchmade Dev’s songs below.

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