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Saucemankeys Has Created a Hit With Single “Diamonds Back”

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Taking his challenges he faced from early on in his life and using them as fuel has led Saucemankeys to be one of the hottest independent artists in the game right now. Looking to make his mark on the musical history books, he is giving his career all he has as he knows he was meant to create music and share his experiences through this platform. Saucemankeys has big plans for the tail end of 2021, and he is kicking them off with the recent release of new single “Diamonds Back.”


Diamonds Back” is all about Saucemankeys and the life that he is living now that he came up on a bag. He is not a pretender like a lot of other new artists in the game today and he has the money and proof to back it up. He knows he is sticking out from the crowd, which is exactly what he has always aimed to do and is quickly widening the gap between himself and other artists in his class.


Saucemankeys is up to something big with the release of “Diamonds Back” and sets the tone for what we can expect to see from him in the future. He has put in too much time and effort to fold his plans now, especially when he can see the finish line in sight. Be sure to keep an eye out for Saucemankeys as he is not far from being one of the biggest names in the industry today.


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