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TeddyBearBless Is Grabbing Everyone’s Attention

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Born and raised in New York City, Haitian American artist TeddyBearBless is a man of many talents. A photographer, video director, talented script writer, who makes music, acts, dances, and entertains, TeddyBearBless is heavily involved in all things creative which allows him to flourish in the entertainment industry. Teddy has also been in many viral videos on world star, has worked with celebrities like Daniel Jean and Tony Yayo, and has also made it on the Jerry Springer Show, which airs in October of this year.

Mastering in photography and videography, Teddy allows for a multifaceted experience as he’s able to create content from the ground up. He’s able to give you the whole creative experience including production work such as video editing and sound mixing. He’s also skilled in advertising and promotional work for content. A key to his success Teddy explains is being a good listener as well as a team player and a leader. These qualities allow Teddy to thrive to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

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