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Singer-Songwriter Nick Lavelle Introduces New Single to the World

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Nick LaVelle is the essence of a modern-day Rap-Singing artist: singer, rapper, songwriter, record label owner, entrepreneur owning several businesses & real estate…He’s killing the game and it’s the only way that he knows how. Detroit Native, West Side to be exact… The Aries nation, crooning womanizer is the new wave of music, lifestyle and entrepreneurship through a very exciting, spontaneous and entertaining lens — and it’s just now beginning to all unfold.

How Bad Bit$H came about was some up & rising producer kid named Max Taylor, from Dillard University, sending me some beats back in 2017. So one day at the studio in Detroit one of my engineers/producers Wavy Davy, pulled the beat up in our session & I just freestyled melodies & a vibe so I could set the tone. As I’m flowing I’m realizing at the time the message I was sending SUBCONSCIOUSLY & it made more sense for me to start putting words together to make the message clear. I wanted to shed light on females who have real life accomplishments that separates them from the pack.  A pretty face fades, a thick backside gets old;  but only a person with a boss mentality lasts. This song shows love to all women across the world helping build their confidence to set themselves apart from a regular person.



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