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Brixx Announces Debut Mixtape In Works

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Brixx is crushing it in the music industry in an excellent way. This rap artist has continued to rise from grass to grace in the entire music industry. And to this date, he has never taken a chance to give up on his passion for music. This champion has faced all the ups and downs that came his way tactically. He always looked forward to achieving his dreams. Brixx always has had an ear for music, and loved it.

We asked Brixx when he dropped his first song and what he’s working on now: 

“I dropped a mixtape probably about 2-3 years ago just on SoundCloud, not even a real thought out mixtape, just got some cover art and put the songs out. I’m working on what I wanna call my debut mixtape right now. I was going to make it a no feature mixtape but I may have 1 special feature on it but for the most part it’s 75% done. Be expecting that by Christmas/New Years Eve time. Nothing but pain”

Instagram: @1Brixx_ 

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