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Dozen Donuts: Australian Rapper MYAGI Releases 6 PM In The Coast

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MYAGI is an up-and-coming Australian artist who is never short of expressing his thoughts and painting a vivid picture through his music. The Australian rapper expresses his unwavering state of mind to ensure that everything he does, he conquers. MYAGI crafts music and standout themes that embody the passion and courage he incorporates throughout his life, bleeding into his work. His last single, ‘They Love It’ (Featuring Cheekz) packed quite a punch, complemented by a music video as well. MYAGI delivers clever and hard-hitting bars while playing off on his wit and confrontational attitude. MYAGI also runs and coordinates his group as well, known collectively as Anonimus Empire. The group brings a diverse sound to the table and is predominantly recognized as the very few to introduce Hip-hop music to Southcoast Australia.

MYAGI’s latest release and music video are titled ‘6 pm In the Coast’ a star-studded rendition of ArrDee’s song ‘6 AM in Brighton’. MYAGI emphasizes heavily on wordplay and overall flow while approaching the video in a rather loose or easy-tempered manner. MYAGI uses this opportunity to demonstrate his skills and versatile sound. The track is stunning, and one could say went above and beyond in comparison to the original. MYAGI continues to shine and create music that is not only true to him but also reflects the quality and consistency of those who pioneered Hip-hop and its sub-genres. From his flow to his mic-skills, MYAGI never fails to impress. A true emcee that is only getting started!

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