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How Jake Moritt Went from Behind the Camera to One of Music’s Youngest Top Executives

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Most people strive to reach greatness, but only a few actually take the risks required to achieve it. However, ceilings are broken when people decide to switch lanes and take said risks. Jake Moritt was fortunate to take opportunities at a young age when he pursued acting as a child. Since then, he has built his career and success in the entertainment industry and most recently with the team of Proper Loud (formerly known as Premier League Entertainment), where he serves as the Senior Vice President.

Born and raised on July 12, 1997 in Los Angeles, California, Jake Moritt found himself at the heart of the entertainment industry, where he was inspired to make a name for himself. At eight years old, he pursued an acting career, joining George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh’s HBO mock TV drama, Unscripted. LA Times praised him as the show’s breakout star, leading to multiple offers for studio films. However, he would turn them down, opting to “just be a kid.”

After spending eight years away from Hollywood, Jake would return to the film industry, working behind the camera. His new endeavor started as a production assistant, where he learned more about the business side. While he would take a role on Lifetime’s Growing Up Supermodel, Jake would return as a production assistant for movies and shows. He quickly moved up the ladder to the role of assistant director. At this point, Jake began to grow interested in the financial aspect of the industry, learning how to budget films. At 21, Jake line produced his first movie for Showtime and carried on producing for Hallmark and Lifetime networks under “Ninth House Films”.

In 2018, Jake  started a new venture in between movies when he interned at Proper Loud. There, under the leadership of Mams Taylor, he developed a love for artist management and the music industry. While Jake was successful in film, he felt his calling was in music and decided to make a permanent switch. Although it was new territory, Jake was enthusiastic about his chances of thriving and just as excited to rise to the top.

Throughout his internship, Jake brought in clients and brand deals, which helped him move up in the company. Under the guidance of Mams, he was able to connect with multiple industry leaders that transitioned into important relationships for the business. Jake was quick in closing deals with renowned brands like Savage x Fenty, Fashion Nova, Depop and Toshiba. 

Three years later, Jake is now 24 years old as the Senior Vice President, making him one of the youngest executives in the industry today. Representing clients like Diego Ave, King Bach, Gold juice, Nathan James and Ivory Scott, he has closed well over 7 figures in deals over the past 12 months. CEO Mams Taylor has praised his talent and has trusted Jake as his right-hand man. “Jake has absolutely blown me away with his work ethic, maturity, and pure drive,” said Mams. “He is destined for great things.”

While he has thrived in his career, Jake envisions his role in Proper Loud by going beyond and turning the talent management company into the go-to for top clientele. “I’d like to create a new vision for talent and management as well as set a precedent where management is seen as a partnership rather than the traditional model.”

Learn more about Jake Moritt and Proper Loud by visiting their official website.

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