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LeRoy Mobley Has Created a Timeless Hit With “Quality Time”

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From previous dreams of being a counselor, LeRoy Mobley treats his music as if you were attending a session with him. He delivers encouraging and empowering songs that will have you feeling some type of way as his music flows through your ears. He recently released his latest single titled “Quality Time”, and it is a one-of-a-kind hit.

“Quality Time” is all about setting aside the time to be with the people you love and cherish in your life. In today’s world, too many people get caught up in the social construct and lose focus of the fact you need to take time to be with the ones you love. Quality time is a staple in any human relationship and should be treated as so. With LeRoy’s harmonious vocals flowing over the track, he makes it clear that everybody needs to reflect and make changes necessary to make that a priority.

“Quality Time” will have you caught up in your mind thinking about the ones that you love. LeRoy Mobley shows he has the ability to paint a picture with his lyrics and is standing above the other artists in his class. There is a bright future ahead of this future star as he is just getting started.


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