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Denver, Colorado has an artist to lookout for in Caelum

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In the last few years, Denver recording artist Caelum has transformed from a struggling unknown to one of the region’s newest sensations. In 2020, the rising star generated millions of streams releasing over five new songs that have led to a highly-anticipated forthcoming release of his next project. And with a new project still in progress, Caelum takes a moment to speak with us about his journey, staying consistent and what we can expect from the new star in years to come. Read the new interview below.
If you could describe your music in 2-3 words what would they be?

– Heartbreak Rockstar

Who were some of your influences growing up? Musical influences?

– Growing up my influences were mainly Lil Wayne and Drake but as I got into my teenage years XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, and Lil Peep all really pushed me to become the artist I wanted to be.

Where is Caelum from?

– I am from Denver, Colorado born and raised.

What was it like growing up? Was music something that was accepted as a career path?

– Growing up I went through a lot of ups and downs. I moved from city to city, school to school, and my parents were separated before I was even born so I was always all over the place. But music was always accepted throughout my family. Almost every person in my family plays a musical instrument or sings. My parents may have accepted but I did get bullied in highschool as me peers did not see that as an acceptable career path

You seem to have a gift for music. Can you talk to us about your pen, your craft and abilities?

– Truly I think a lot of it has to do with growing up around so much music and my dad was always pausing and breaking down the songs we would listen to and how the lyrics told a story that he could relate to. With what my dad would add to these songs when breaking them down it has helped me make my music more intricate. It’s more than surface level type of songs. On top of that it makes it easier to freestyle because its just how my brain knows music now

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