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Cook House LA Co-Founders Launch New Studio Space for The Next Generation of Artists

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Entrepreneur and innovator, Steven Grier & Daniel Manteca are a force to be reckoned with. The visionaries have recently launched Cook House LA – a premier private recording studio located in North Hollywood. We sat down with the multifaceted moguls to learn more about their new venture, current projects and more!

TI50: Tell us about Cook house LA? How did you get started?

Cook House LA Cook House LA is a creative space for artist, Producers, Musicians, and Engineers to collaborate and develop new ideas and products. We work with labels and new artists who join our Artist Development Team, we also work closely with Engineers and Producers who have multiple artist and clients.


Our app is designed to help Artist, Engineers and Producers manage their careers and business.


TI50:  What was your inspiration for starting the studio?

Cook House LA: We were inspired by the idea of creating opportunities for others and developing talent and skills from within our communities while promoting peace and prosperity.


TI50:  Who are your favorite artists that you’ve worked with?

Working with Raphael Saadiq was a favorite moment. Working with LoveRance was awesome especially for The Bay Area. When 50 Cent hopped on the remix with Chris Brown and everyone else, it was a huge moment for California. And most recently working with our latest client, Heaven Eva has been energizingly fun!


TI50: Who are you most inspired by?

Cook House LA: We are inspired by so many people like Raphael Saadiq, Ye, Walt Disney, but who inspires me the most is my Grandfather Elywn Lamont Hill.


TI50:  Who are some producers/artists you would like to work with in the future?

Cook House LA: We would love to work with Producer/Artist/Engineers who are established in their creative abilities and are ready to take their talents and combine them with entrepreneurship in order create wealth and prosperity. We are interested in exploring relationships with Record Labels like Atlantic and Sony. Artist Development services is how we can best serve record Labels. We especially excel with Youth Talent.


TI50:  I hear that you are not only an entrepreneur, but a philanthropist. What do you hope to teach young kids about life?

Cook House LA: At this moment in time, I want to share with the youth the importance of being self-sustaining. Meaning, being able to provide essential goods and services to the communities we live in like growing and producing food, Bottling Fresh Water, Real Estate Development, Computer Science, Communications Infrastructure. I would tell the youth that they can imagine the world they want to live in and use Science, Engineering, Financial Literacy, Technology, and Art — to create whatever they can think of. Then I would challenge them to think of a world that they would want their children to live in.


TI50: Where can artists find you/get more info?

Cook House LA: Artist can visit our website and join our creative community we have an app where artist can book studio time and post information. Our app is to help artist and producers connect and help organize their creative process by making booking studio time simple.

Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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