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Singer Debbi James Explains That Being Born With Famous Parents Isn’t Always an Easy Life

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t is not uncommon to think that being born into a family of wealth or fame means your life will be easy. Although for some this is true, suffering befalls everyone and is an inevitable part of life. For Debbi James, this is certainly the case.

Debbi is a singer born to an Israeli supermodel mother and an American action movie-star father. Each of her parents were famous in their own right, so you can imagine the shadow that Debbi felt she had to live up to. Despite this pressure, she had loving parents that cared deeply about her future. In particular, her mother was always encouraging her to pursue her passion, which was music.

In fact, you could say that Debbi’s passion for music – and loving parental support – is what kept her going during two of her most testing life challenges. When she was only 5 years old, she lost her father to pancreatic cancer. Not long after, she lost her beloved mother at a tender age of 17.

To lose one parent is one thing, but to lose both is another. Being as young as Debbi was, one can only think that her life would have been miserable. Fortunately, however, this is quite the opposite for Debbi. Rather than succumb to despair, she instead turned to music, which she credits as saving her life.

Ever since Debbi was a child, her mother would always have MTV playing on the TV in the morning, and she would dance and sing to the songs being played. This precious memory has always stayed with Debbi and became one of her powerful motivators in getting her through professional challenges.

Debbi’s father, of course, was also an inspiration to her. Even though she doesn’t regret not following in his footsteps, she still carries his legacy and work ethic with her. Because of him, she is able to summon the strength she needs to press forward in her musical career. Today, Debbi is well known enough to tour with the likes of Enrique Iglesias and open for Jennifer Lopez.

If there’s one piece of advice that Debbi wants the world to hear, it is to find your purpose in life. Not only that but to also believe that you have a purpose. By finding your purpose or calling, you won’t have any regrets in pursuing it. For Debbi, that is what it means to fulfill your dreams.

Having said that, Debbi wisely adds for people to be consistent in their pursuits and to create a routine that will help in achieving their goals. Otherwise, without a routine and consistency, you won’t have the motivation to press forward when faced with challenges.

Debbi James’ passion and musical talent have no doubt inspired many people throughout the world, including her story of overcoming her personal suffering. She hopes that her influence, which you can see on many of her social media accounts, such as FacebookInstagramTikTok, and Snapchat, will empower others to always stay positive and never give up on what they love.

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