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Lindsay Barrz Plans To Feature Dope Female Artists In Her Coming Hits

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Lindsay Barrz is a hip-hop artist with other abilities who stops at nothing to fulfill her dreams. She has proven to be a star in the music industry from the quality of music she has been dropping, earning her an ever growing fan base globally. This is because of the passion she always had since her childhood, her profound mentor being Eminem, whom she relates to in terms of early struggles and how she makes her music.


Lindsay Barrz has featured other upcoming artists in her recent hits like Kids R.A.P, Young Khalil, Joka Lik, Nick Darwin, Saint Josh, and Chang3. She is planning on featuring other dope female rappers and singers soon, and also drop more advanced music hits and videos.


Lindsay Barrz also has other abilities like script writing for films and movies, something she is planning to do in the long term. She is a very astute and sharp businesswoman, currently working on the right exposure which will gain and maintain her success in the industry.


To better know and interact with her, check her out on her social media handles @lindsaybarrz, where you will also get to see her amazing talents and abilities.


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