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Superstar Gianni Cures Shows How to Rise to the Top

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As a young child, Gianni Cures loved singing. However, as he grew up, he lacked the courage to pursue it professionally. Then, at 19, he packed his life up in San Diego and took off for Hollywood. He became friends with artists and social media influencers who noticed he had a good voice and a talent for creating music. In his studio apartment with no rooms, they rallied their support and helped him learn. Soon, he was able to song-write, record, and produce himself. 

Gianni’s influencer friends were his first fans. They started putting his music out to their fans using their social media platforms, and gradually, his fan base grew. That boosted his morale and gave him the confidence to make more music. With a clear vision of what he wanted for himself, he started the journey to becoming the superstar he is today. Currently, his music is on every major music streaming platform. He has also established a large social media presence. His combined platforms have thousands of subscribers and followers who love his music.

On the journey to the top, Gianni has learned several lessons. First, great relationships are crucial. Without the friends he made in Hollywood, he probably would never have made the first step in the music industry. Once he started becoming popular in the influencer scene, he gained the recognition of more creatives. And they made his exposure even bigger and got him more followers. He paid them back by promoting their businesses or music on his platforms, too, ensuring everybody won.

The other important lesson Gianni learned is that constant learning is key. When he was just starting out, he ensured to visit events where other artists were performing. Besides establishing connections with them and their producers, he was also learning through observation. His music soon started speaking for itself and attracting more fans. On top of that, the experience helped him understand the industry and allowed him to see the gaps that needed filling.

As a result of deep research and learning, Gianni also discovered the importance of being unique. He realized he could not become popular or rich by doing what everyone else in the industry was doing. He also noticed that the fans’ attention spans were short and took it as a personal challenge. He needed to figure out something nobody else had done. 

Consequently, he experimented until he found a sound that felt right for him. Today, Gianni has moved to find his own musical identity as an independent artist. He stands out for creatively mixing multiple genres like hip-hop, pop, EDM, and rock to add a fresh, new feel to his music. He also incorporates multiple switch-ups in his songs that keep the listeners glued to the end.

Another lesson Gianni learned is the value of self-belief. Overthinking leads to discouragement and prevents you from chasing your dreams. Despite all the challenges that may arise, Gianni maintains that self-belief will blind you to them. He is very intentional about playing the cards life deals him and forging ahead. 

For him, opportunities arise all the time due to the nature of the industry. Social media makes it hard to resist comparing himself with others he perceives as better than himself. To counter this, he chooses to focus on his mission at all times. He is set on curing the world with music. He hopes he will get the chance to do a world tour and impact more lives one day.

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