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Who is Paul Nutall?

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 I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, to a single mother of nine children. From the very beginning, I knew what it was like to struggle. Despite the large hurdle life placed before me, I was able to stand on my own two feet after becoming a renowned gang-unit officer and three-time kickboxing world champion. I would even oversee former NBA champion Sean Elliottas as his karate instructor. Although things were starting to look up for me, my family would wrongfully disown me. The situation drove me to leave San Antonio in 1994 where I eventually moved to Michigan, earning two Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I used my degrees to become the Regional Youth specialist director at Wolverine Human Services, where I thrived for seventeen years. Despite how busy I had been, I continued training boxers, even being the sparring partner for Hall of Famer professional Chris Byrd; and contributed to his Championship victory against Evander Holyfield. Additionally, I contributed as a sparring partner for Hasim Rahman, helping him earn the heavyweight championship in 2001. Once again, things were starting to look up, but by 2007, I would fall victim to a wrongful conviction.
 Accused of a Nigerian scam, I would spend 14 months in jail as I waited for my trial, labeled as a “flight-risk”. When the time finally came, the judge dropped the charges after I plead for my freedom explaining my case as to why I was innocent. Although I was free, I had to be picked up again shortly for my inability to pay child support during the 14 months I was serving waiting for my trial. After serving for another six months, I would try to reconcile with my family. In the twenty-five years since I had left, I discovered that my mother had passed away in 2017. Life started to take a downhill turn as my father followed three months later. Tragedy continued to strike as Hurricane Harvey took my eldest twin daughters in Houston. Most people would have given up and fallen into a deep depression, but I managed to march through the gloom of my trials and tribulations. I would later film a reality show where I would hire a woman I had dated in the past named Ariana Vasquez. I was forced to let her go due to her criminal background which
 led to more troubles, as she wrote a false report about me in an attempt to ruin my career and reputation. When confronted, it was revealed that she was jealous of another castmate that I eventually married. However, due to her heinous act against my character, the report caused many business opportunities to
 fall from my lap and my wife and I struggled twice as hard to create and build our organization to what it is today. Despite all the troubles I went through, I grew in faith, pushing forward to achieve my goals. Together with my wife, Tiffany Nutall, we created the television program 2nd Chance Saves Lives and Forgotten
   Prisoners. We as a couple have been helping people from Hollywood and all walks of life get the chance to redeem themselves. With the program gaining traction, my wife and I foresee our 2nd Chance organization to generate more spin-off shows. We also envision our franchise broadcasting to other
 countries to help other individuals. Regardless of what happens, my wife and I plan to use our platform to influence, motivate, and inspire the next generation.
 How does it feel to be exonerated?
 It felt great and I thank God for the judge who saw my way as I plead for my innonence, however they still charged me with 1 count because I was held in jail for 14 months as a flight risk. I knew I had a lot of work to do with the felony they left on my record and I was unable to use my two master’s degrees any
 longer. I had to find another way to become successful.
What was the vision behind 2Chance Saves Lives?
  I was inspired to create 2nd Chance because of the tragedies that I have endured in my life. So when I went to Hollywood, I began helping fallen celebrities get back on their feet. But when I met my wife, who was at the time a friend turned business partner, she revolutionized my concept of helping others to not
 just helping the celebrity bracket but to help everyone in need around the world. She suggested this because of the struggles that she endured on her own as well, and together our visions created 2nd Chance Saves Lives.
How has 2nd Chances Saves Lives already helped others?
 Back in August of 2019, an individual named Michael “Harry-O” Harris, one of the Founders of Death Row records called us. He was interested in joining our organization as a Co-Owner at the start of producing our first TV show 2nd Chance Saves Lives. We highlighted him in our feature on DailyMailTV
 as our new Co-Owner and as our attempt to get him released. Unfortunately, that along with reaching out to a Federal Judge for his release failed, however in 2021, fortunately he was pardoned by Donald Trump to get his 2nd Chance in life deeply influenced by our newfound partnership. Secondly, since the beginning of our production for our 2nd Chance Saves Lives show, we have stayed in
 touch with many of the families during these difficult times of COVID; sharing encouragement through our Faith despite production being postponed numerous of times, therefore affecting our air date. Thankfully we have managed to persevere and have completed our first season of 12 episodes and will be
 beginning production for Season 2, near the end of 2021.
 How does it feel from becoming an inmate behind bars to TV Producer?
 I would like to start off by saying I was never truly an inmate from the beginning, only physically. But when I did become one, it was a hard transition going from a regional director of a juvenile facility to being wrongly incarcerated. However, on my journey to becoming a TV producer, I realized why it had to
 happen this way. If I had not been through the events that I have been through – falsely incarcerated, disowned by my family for almost three decades, and losing loved ones, I wouldn’t have the compassion and empathy that I have now for others suffering in the same ways that I have. That is why I am so passionate about our new TV show Forgotten Prisoners, because I know there are so many individuals behind bars who are serving time for crimes that were wrongfully justified without cause. And if I had a chance to rewind time to change the unfortunate events of my past, I wouldn’t change a thing.
 Do you have any challenges or limitations due to your false incarceration?
 When I was released, I was unable to use my two master’s degrees because of the felony that was left on my record, which led me to become homeless. Years later, because of the felony on my record, many business opportunities were hindered and passed on doing business with me due to the fact that they felt
 that I was involved in the Nigerian scam. This led me to have to work harder in finding people who would not look at my past but who would judge me based on the person I am today.
 What do you want others to take from your story?
 I would like to encourage people to never give up no matter the obstacles that may come in life, to continue to fight for the truth, and to keep God First in your life with constant prayer, because He is the one who will make a way when it seems like there is no way.
 If 2nd Chances Save Lives could work with anyone, who would that be?
 2nd Chance would like to work with the President of the United States, governors, senators, and any official of influence to join together with us to make 2nd Chance Saves Lives & Forgotten Prisoners TV show a global outreach to help individuals around the world.
In the next 5 years, where do you see your organization going?
 Five years from now you will see our organization produce more 2nd Chance spin-off TV shows that will impact the world and save lives. We also envision our 2nd Chance organization owning our own 2nd Chance TV network within the next 3 years and my documentary that will be released in 2022, following
 with my wife’s. We have faced many hardships and would love to share our life-stories, our struggles, pain, purpose and the inspirations behind our passion, drive, and dedication to our organization and
 saving the world.
 How can others help you with your mission?
 If there are organizations or individuals with connections out there who have resources that can help our inmates on our Forgotten Prisoners TV show to get released on a quicker pace, please visit our website
 under our “offer help” tab to reach out to us –
  How can readers get in contact with you?
 The best way to get in contact with our organization is through our website: https:// OR if readers would like to follow our mission, they can find us through our social media platforms: