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The Real Mikey D Making a Solid Case for Hip-Hop Stardom

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The title hip hop legend isn’t something anyone can blindly claim. Yet, all that hip-hop artist, The Real Mikey D, has worked hard to achieve in the past three decades demonstrates that he’s at that level, and it seems he’s making a solid case. Most of the New York rap scene and beyond knows his name, and he’s out to assert his dominance all the more with his upcoming projects that promise to excite and amaze.

The Real Mikey D is a park jam and hip-hop artist from Queens, New York. As an established figure in rap, he has had an illustrious music career that puts him in the same light as some of the most iconic rappers from the last few decades. Mikey D is known as one of the linchpins to legendary hip hop groups like Main Source and Mikey D and the LA Posse. He’s also the 1988 New Music Seminar Battle For World Supremacy winner, an honor that still rings across rap circles to this day.

It was sometime around the opening of the 1980s when Mikey D began his journey in hip hop. He started breaking through and creating a solid music reputation amongst the boroughs of New York for being a notorious battle rapper who dominated with every rhyme. His gift allowed him to rub shoulders with personalities like LL Cool J, Run DMC, Sweet Tee, MC Shan, Organized Konfusion, Kool G Rap, MR. Cheeks, and many others.


The iconic rap artist also goes by the name Mikey D’Struction. After three decades in music, he has created a deep discography of tracks, many of which have become classics today. Mikey is also a highly successful music executive and entrepreneur who has brought his company, Pass the Torch Distribution, to unprecedented realms of success over the years.

Today, Mikey is producing his own documentary series called The Real Mikey D History (His-Story). He has put work into his documentary because he wants to create a platform dedicated to his narrative while honoring a significant part of the process. “I wanted to build my own platform, at the same time shed light on all the people who motivated and inspired me to continue reaching for greatness,” shares Mikey D about the documentary’s intentions. Mikey and the team guarantee that The Real Mikey D History (His-Story will be a documentary unlike any other and that fans “will not want to miss a single episode.”

The Real Mikey D is still creating music after all these years and continually reinventing himself. “Being relevant doesn’t move me. Being true to myself is what I’m all about,” says The Real Mikey D. “While everyone is racing in the highway lanes, I stay in that hov lane.” In retrospect, after thirty years in rap and hip-hop, Mikey D has had an illustrious music career, becoming one of the most respected rappers to come out of Queens.

After all of these years, the Real Mikey D still has a lot to offer and continues developing tracks and performing in various shows and events. He hopes that more people who hear his story would be inspired by his ups and downs and decide to push beyond their limits and challenges.

Learn more about The Real Mikey D by visiting his website.

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