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Haseeb Azizi: his passion and dreams through music

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The road to success is never a cakewalk and artists are no exception. These passion-driven people have to put their heart and soul into their creations to earn their audience’s approval. There is steep competition in the music industry and the acceptance of an audience to something unique is always exciting to the artist. In this cutthroat competition, Haseeb Azizi has managed to navigate all the challenges to emerge as a rising star in music. This top-charting hip-hop rapper is only 21 now and has already inspired millions to follow his path to success.

Haseeb Azizi started his career in music with his college band “Captivated”. It wasn’t that he realized his passion much early in his life but because he had a natural flair for writing. Being an introvert, Azizi was more comfortable venting his emotions in his writing. This made him a perfect fit as a lyricist for the college band. Eventually, he went on to become one of the lead singers in “Captivated” and that’s when he realized his true calling in music.

Raised by a single mother, Haseeb Azizi was the eldest of all his siblings. He grew up seeing the financial struggles of his family and was determined to choose a secured career as a corporate executive. He wasn’t looking to achieve stardom after struggling for years to find his niche. He was in a hurry to support his family financially because he had seen enough struggles already.

After seeing his potential as a musician, Azizi got the support of his friends and family to pursue his passion for music. Although he was skeptical about standing out from the crowd in this extremely competitive industry, Azizi decided to give it a try. He worked hard to balance his career and education simultaneously. As some of his recordings went viral on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, Azizi knew what he would be doing for the rest of his life. Since then he never looked back.

Currently, Azizi is counted among the promising stars in the music industry. His unconventional take on hip-hop has set him apart from his contemporaries. Azizi is a master of fusion. He blends the soulful classical notes with fiery jazz to create his signature composition. Another unique factor of Azizi’s hip-hop is his blazing lyrics that talk about the struggles of the young generation. His fearless lyrics approach the audience with realism rather than creating a bubble of idealism. That’s the reason his audience feels more connected to his music.

The major inspiration for his lyrics comes from Azizi’s real-life struggles which echo the challenges that every young talent comes across. He also motivates people with his music to pursue their passion. His music works as a motivator and healer to ailing souls. He wants his audience to stay strong in the face of all problems in life and never give up on their dreams.

Haseeb Azizi believes that if he could truly inspire budding talents to find their goals in life, his purpose of composing music will be served. In the coming years, he wants to continue being a role model to aspiring talents who hesitate to chase their dreams.

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