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Smiles 773 – “The Real Fed Up” ft. JR007

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Smiles773 is the most recent artist to be banned from the City of Chicago for performing specifically Summer Smash this past August and he has something to say. Joining other banned artists Lil Durk and Chief Keef, the controversial new Def Jam rapper definitely has something to say. His new single “The Real Fed Up ” addresses all the turmoil, haters and obstacles Smiles has endured this past year. Smiles is making sure no one is fooled by the name from the streets to the studio he is telling his story moment by moment. With a true grind based mentality, a passion and desire to prove his talent in the industry, Smiles is out to prove everyone wrong. With a co-sign from major publications Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator Mag, Smiles773 is out for blood.

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