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Ike Rhein Shares New Single “Just Like You”

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Renowned artist Ike Rhein, has released his latest hit single “Just Like You”. The new single is making some serious noise in the music charts. Rhein’s past work has received praise from industry aficionados and the latest single deserves no less. “Just Like You” is launched on Spotify.  Ike’s single “Not For Me” was a blockbuster hit as well and the music video garnered compliments for his performance.

It’s more of an acoustic song and what really inspired it is that I wanted to make something special and catchy that could show off my range”, Ike Rhein added when asked about “Just Like You”.

Isaac Rhein aka Ike Rhein is a Michigan born pop artist. Being an adopted child coming from foster care, Ike had a lot of early pain that helped him become a better artist and write lyrics with more soul. Ike always had the passion for music which pushed him to move to Florida to pursue a career in music. For Ike, music is a common language that doesn’t care about one’s race and religion. Ike believes that he is mainly influenced by The Weeknd and Justin Bieber and wishes to win a Grammy while going platinum as well.

“Just Like You” is about how people often focus on finding faults in their loved ones that can make them feel uncomfortable forgetting that it can happen to them too. The lyrics capture the essence of that pain. As far as what’s next for him, Ike Rhein said in a recent interview that he has 3 new singles in the pipeline with a couple of them releasing before New Year’s. Ike’s music is available on platforms like Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify and Tidal.

“‘Just Like You’ is about how sometimes people only focus on nitpicking the little things that their significant other does that make them upset,” explains Rhein in a recent interview, “But their significant other could do just the same to them!”

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