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Too Dxpe x 93 Treyx 76 Chain “Pita Roll”

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76 Chain Makes A Change In The Small Community Of Muskegon, MI

Michigan Based Rapper 76 Chain is currently working on his upcoming project, which will be released soon. Known for his catchy single ‘OBeast Gang,’ 76 Chain has a growing loyal fan base waiting eagerly for him.
From a very young age, 76 Chain was musically inclined. 76 Chain whose his real name is Saul was consistently mispronounced growing up as ‘Saw.’ His childhood best friend started calling him ‘Chain Saw’ then decided to switch it to “Saw Chain” because it sounded better. The moniker would later stick. 76 Chain’s first music video, ‘Getting Dis Cake’ was released in 2011. Directed by Jordan Towers, the music video was a huge hit. Unfortunately, in 2012, Chain had to take a break from music as he was indicted on a distribution charge. In fall 2016, he was released from the State & Federal Prison systems. Chain was working in a few factories while he was still on Federal Probation.
After he was off probation, Chain immediately returned to the studio. His first single was ‘OBeast Gang’ was played all over West Michigan, gaining him new fans. His successful local single was followed by his first EP, “Dog Talk.”
While working on his music, 76 Chain has also created his own entertainment company called ‘OBeast Gang Entertainment LLC.’

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