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How De’el Woods Is Shaking The Music Industry

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As someone who recently entered the music industry, De’el Woods quickly started developing his record label, Better Than Amazing Records. He believed in the efforts of all those struggling to achieve their big dreams and as a result, he wished to help these rising stars to get independence. The reason he was so motivated to help others out was that at some point in life, De’el himself was fighting poverty.

Before working as an owner and writer at his record label, De’el was a network marketer working and struggling in the field for around 12 years. Despite not being able to find a stable and good job, De’el’s main focus was on the learning he was getting through these jobs. His first job at an insurance company, Primerica, helped him develop a strong foundation on belief and personal development. Later he went to 5Linx where he learned public speaking but due to his finances, he had to donate plasma for gas money and food. After this, he was recruited into Wake Up Now where he finally made his first 6 figure income. The company also allowed him to learn lifestyle marketing/attraction marketing. However, things actually changed for De’el when David Imonitie asked him to film an introductory video for a forex educational platform.

Slowly and steadily De’el got the hang of the world of investing. Thus, he took the opportunity and started trading forex as he was sick, leaving him money lying idle in bank accounts. Soon De’el became a high frequency forex trader and started teaching people how to trade forex as well. As a result, the 12 year network marketer then pioneered the largest movement of college students that would go around the world introducing other students to the world of forex. This was De’el’s first step in his entrepreneurship journey. The success of his first business and motivation to help others encouraged him to set foot in the music and the rest is history!

Initially started to help his two cousins who were striving in the music industry for years, today De’el’s record label also aims to promote other hard working artists in the industry. Better Than Amazing Records provides these musicians with proper funding equipment, studio time, and a marketing facility and is currently working with an artist called, “M.Y.A.I”, whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X. Being a determined and focused individual, De’el hopes to become a ‘Multiplatinum Label Exec.’ and ‘Cryptocurrency Billionaire’ one day!

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