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Demarco – “Ryda” (Official Music Video)

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Reggae Dancehall artist Demarco aka Demarco da Don recently released his latest single, “Ryda,” and it’s already one of Dancehall’s sexiest songs of 2021! But is it too soon? With Covid-19 still impeding young people from getting too close to one another, this song might be too sexy to resist.

“Ryda” is the quintessential “Rub-on-all-ya-and-whine” dance song reminiscent of what some might say is Dancehall’s greatest era; 1996-2005. A time period where all you needed was a lighter, loose hips and the courage to pull the sexiest person on the dance floor to dutty-wine for 5 minutes. Fast-forward to 2021, and Demarco’s new song “Ryda” is not meant for social distancing. In fact, “Ryda” inspires you to get far closer than 6 inches, which is far from the CDC’s recommended guidelines of 6ft. The song addresses the topic of loyalty and trust for your day-one ride-or-die. In an age where trust is the ultimate currency, @DemarcoDaDon perfectly illustrates its importance with his latest amatory single.

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