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Niv Ariel drops the hot new single “Can’t Stop”

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Niv Ariel has surprised everyone yet again with the release of his new single “Can’t Stop” The song has gone viral, and it can be found all over the internet. It consistently breaks streaming records all across the world.

When you listen to Niv’s music, it’s evident that he knows what he’s doing. There is little doubt that he is a special talent who will continue to surprise us no matter the circumstance.

“Can’t Stop” demonstrates the amount of music that Niv is capable of producing, demonstrating why he is distinct from the other players in the game. When Niv’s ability is combined with Rumor Records’ amazing production quality, we get music that is highly catchy and makes you want to dance.

We cannot recommend Niv Ariel and his music enough for anyone looking for a new sound to enjoy and be inspired by. All three songs on his EP, “Electric”, “Can’t Stop” and “Break Down” are steadily gaining the attention of genre enthusiasts worldwide.

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