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The Making Of A Great Musician, John Walsh

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With a successful album and fan base from all around the world, John Walsh reaffirms that his job as a musician is extremely important, not only for him but also for the society he lives in. This enthusiasm to serve society with the best kind of music is what turned John into a great musician.

While he was inspired by other musicians around him, John always believed that he had the expertise when it comes to making music. From a very young age, he would play along with records and try to add his changes to them. As he crafted his own ideas and presented them to his friends and family, they would all be amazed by the creation of young John. Thus, his work motivated him to pursue the music industry.

However, a great musician is never solely about talent. It’s about the efforts spent practicing and time spent running from one location to another. Moreover, it’s about getting opportunities and utilizing them to the very extent. After finishing off his education, John decided to formally compose his original music. He bought a small studio near his house and would spend hours alone trying to come up with ideas. While he struggled to find his music style, he made sure for it to be unique as according to John good music can only be made when it comes originally from the bottom of the heart of the creator. To fulfill this purpose, he strived to find the perfect tune and style. As he spent sleepless nights working on his creation, he would rush to different publishers and managers every day to get an opportunity. He would play at every audition and send his work to every aspiring music executive. Even though he feared not being able to get the chance to prove his skills, he knew that his hard work won’t go down the drain. His fears were abolished as one day, his work caught the eye of a producer who decided to sign a contract with him and the rest is history.

As today John stands firm with his music career, there was a time when this great musician too doubted himself. But, his efforts and creativity towards music helped him overcome all the hurdles he ever faced.

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