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Nicky Rizz Open Ups on His Journey to Becoming a Promising Young DJ in New York

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The ongoing pandemic has changed the party scene. People don’t go to clubs as they used to because of the health restrictions. However, DJ Nicky Rizz shares with us his journey and how he makes sure he stays part of the scene during the pandemic.

Nicky Rizz is a native of Staten Island, New York, where he launched his career after discovering his passion for DJing. After years of practice and honing his craft to become a notable DJ, he was invited to join an illustrious group of DJs called Heavy Hitters. To learn more about DJ Nicky Rizz, visit his social media handles DJ Nicky RizzdjnickyrizzNicky Rizz, and his official website

So how is DJ Nicky Rizz staying afloat during the pandemic? He has released two singles since 2020. One of the singles is a two-minute and thirty-second song, “Ay Papi,” in which DJ Nicky Rizz delivers a rich EDM experience. The song focuses on the beat with very few vocals. This strategy worked because it became a party anthem in over 80 countries, including America, when the song was released.

“Ay Papi” is a Guaracha genre song that has roots in South America. This is the reason the song is successful in both the U.S and Latin American countries. The song was released in July 2020. Initially, Nicky thought that the song would not be played in clubs. Nevertheless, the DJ went ahead and made it, and a follow-up single “Ay Mami” in 2021.

The young DJ is used to performing in front of large crowds. Before lockdown, DJ Nicky Rizz performed for large crowds at Mister East in New Jersey, DAER in Atlantic City, and Wall in Miami. Once the quarantines and the restrictions are over, he plans to perform at the internationally recognized event “Tomorrowland.”

The show will create an avenue for DJ Nicky Rizz’s fans from around the world to get to know him and engage with him. He looks forward to performing “Ay Papi” and “Ay Mami” at the show in front of a massive crowd. The tracks are already receiving an amazing response from fans streaming from different platforms, including Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Spotify.

The DJ is becoming more and more popular each day as his talent continues to shine. He has had to opportunity to showcase his talent in some of the best party locations, including New York, Las Vegas, and New Jersey.

His advice to young people with dreams is that they should give all it takes to achieve them. Furthermore, he advises them to never give up. You people should focus on working on themselves and their talents. Nicky’s dream is to work in a radio station in the future. He has kept this dream alive and hopes to achieve it someday.

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