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How DJ ALBNAJ Went From Zero To Hero With His New Album

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The escalating popularity of social media has made way for many original talents in the music industry. Thanks to this universal platform that has given the talents freedom from being at the mercy of any music label or artist to find the audience. DJ ALBNAJ is one such music sensation who is blowing up the hip hop scene on various streaming platforms through his unique composition and distinct style. However, things were pretty difficult for this artist initially when he was refused credentials for his music and he was struggling to find his audience.

DJ ALBNAJ is the stage name of Jan Johannes Blankestein. He was only 5 when he discovered his passion for music and started playing piano and guitar. Born in an affluent family, DJ ALBNAJ has grown up seeing his father as a successful stock trader. He was also pursuing a degree in business management to enter the financial marketplace under the tutelage of his father. When Jan felt that the blueprint of his career was all set, his life took an unexpected turn. With the sudden layoff of his father, Jan’s family experienced extreme poverty with no breadwinner in the family. Jan was forced to quit his studies and work two jobs to make ends meet. Jan was working as a bagger during the day and as an online seller on his website in the evening. Times were hard for him but he persisted.

To figure out a way to end his poverty, Jan thought of pursuing his passion for music and became DJ ALBNAJ.  He began working on his craft and getting better with every performance to become one of the popular DJs in the clubbing scene in Europe and Asia. His unique sense of composition and original style landed him several offers to create music for popular hip-hop artists. As DJ ALBNAJ started producing for A-lister hip hop artists, he noticed that his music was earning over 50 million hits while he was not getting any credentials or recognition for his talent. This prompted him to become an independent artist.

His determination to penetrate the music industry overcame several challenges on the way, especially the nay-sayers. People kept discouraging him, saying someone like him couldn’t enter the music industry and become recognized. But DJ ALBNAJ was confident and persisted. Initially, he struggled to find audiences. He went on creating and over time earned recognition on various streaming platforms. His albums have earned millions of hits on multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and others.

DJ ALBNAJ created a buzz on the internet with his recent album “Dreamoholic” that was released in 2022. The album was featured in 34 streaming platforms and has earned over a million hits in less than a month. The electrifying beats, the energetic track, and the soulful rhythm combined to create magic to the ears of the listeners.

With the roaring success of “Dreamoholic,” DJ ALBNAJ hopes to present more creative and unique beats for his fans in the coming years also. However, he would love to continue DJing because performing live in front of thousands of people thrilling them with his music gives him a sense of fulfillment as an artist. DJ ALBNAJ wants to enthrall more people with clubbing numbers and be one of the top DJs in the U.S.A, Europe, and Asia.

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