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AK Debris, the Prince of The Internet taking the world by storm

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Local legend, and famous East Coast Canadian rapper AK Debris is funny and strange, but widely entertaining.


Sudan Born and Saudi Arabian raised, AK Debris has endured the harsh conditions of his homeland, stripped of freedom of speech and creative will. With his family being lost to the oppressive regime, AK Debris turned to the internet as an escape where his voice could be heard. This would lead the artist to the sounds of Lil B and Soulja Boy who influenced him musically after migrating to Canada where his popularity skyrocketed. 


AK Debris has since become a local celebrity, founding his very own Flare Gang with artists like Giz The Wiz. His unorthodox freestyle process of creating fire songs over aggressive dark beats with contrasting high pitch singing has established an unbreakable connection with his growing fanbase. Being friends with famous artists Young Gstar and Tex Armstrong, he aims to change the industry with his unique sound. He is often compared to mainstream artist, Future, but AK Debris separates himself from anyone with his over drowned autotune mumbling that range from raw songs to pure comedy skits, such as “Mayday,” involving his $20 Black Friday night escapade with a promiscuous woman. 


With his success and status, AK Debris has felt disloyalty among old associates whom he dedicates his latest diss track to addressing. Seeing beyond the traveling and touring he’s already lived and experienced, AK Debris wants to continue stacking up the YouTube money, bringing to fans new quality content in other avenues like music videos and animated cartoons, among others.


While AK Debris collaborates with his peers and artists, he is open to working with other creatives as well, but only if they know what it means to overcome hardships with the courage to make something out of their life. To AK Debris, it’s about respect above all. Follow the YouTube superstar to stay current on all his upcoming projects.


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