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Ahmad Yasir spreads his own good vibes through his new single “Feel Good”

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Ahmad Yasir has released his new single “Feel Good”. Within a few days of its debut, the song became extremely popular. It is now popular on the internet and has thousands of streams. Ahmad has put forth a lot of effort in producing this song.

Ahmad’s expertise in house music enables him to tailor tracks to the preferences of house music lovers. As a result, it has become abundantly obvious that he is the artist to keep an eye on.

Ahmad’s masterwork, “Feel Good” has truly been wonderful. It has made it very obvious that he is not just another artist to whom others may be compared. Rumor Records, Ahmad’s label, has surpassed themselves with flawless production and superb mastering of the song.

Ahmad Yasir’s EP has three songs: “Feel Good”, “Your Touch” and “Endless Summer” which are capable of satisfying your musical needs. Each of the songs is gaining popularity. Rumor Records has really brought out the big guns for this one.

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