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Nicola Smith Jackson on Revolutionizing the Mobilization of Growth Seekers Toward Financial Freedom

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A sea of resources currently feeds the minds of those who have mobile phones or laptops and access to the Internet. In the face of the growing digitization of today’s world, learning has become feasible, with one click allowing people to have an inkling of must-visit destinations, the next restaurant to go to, their city’s response to the pandemic, where to earn an online degree, and more. 

Go-getters driven by the vision of securing a financially stable future, in particular, have turned to cyberspace, spending hours and landing from one web page to another to gain a deeper understanding of how the economic landscape works and what strategies have been proven to lead a person to their goals. However, the barrage of information that often meets individuals when they make a move toward expanding their financial knowledge could be overwhelming. This is why Nicola Smith Jackson has made it her mission to break down the process involved in achieving financial freedom into a digestible blueprint—it’s actually a path to prosperity that connects the dots between the have and have nots . 

The acclaimed founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, Dame Nicola Smith Jackson is the strategic mind behind a host of purpose-driven initiatives and training. They are designed to enable and empower people, it’s the PINKPrint™, a wealth and mental wellness education system for women. She is also at the helm of the financial ascension program called the Money Mansion Blueprint, through which the highly accomplished personality helps individuals apply time tested wealth principles to build generational wealth even in challenged economies. 

Bringing over 25 years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship to the table, Nicola Smith Jackson has emerged as a go-to authority in the financial space. Given the impressive portfolio attached to her name, anyone could quickly jump to the conclusion that she was born to the privileges and connections that have allowed countless powerhouses to dominate the world of business. But, this market analyst and certified life coach had a rough start just like millions of self-starters across the globe, evolving from a family of immigrants, this college dropout and overworked stylist is becoming a household name. She is credited for leading a combined 450,000 sales representatives in over 30 countries into successful entrepreneurship throughout her career who is now pivoting to create a Femme Revolution of wealth builders who put faith and family first.

So far, Nicola Smith Jackson has given a leg up to thousands of growth seekers, helping them reach their full potential by becoming entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and cash flow assets. All while promoting financial literacy and equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to manage their money and make well-informed decisions. Using time-tested principles, the well-respected figure lends her clients a hand in achieving stronger financial independence. 

This serial entrepreneur, who is a Certified Coach of the John Maxwell Team, Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching Certified Life Coach, and a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, aims to guide thousands of more dreamers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and growth seekers in the years to come. In moving them in the right direction, Nicola Smith Jackson will always place a heavy premium on the role financial literacy has in building a life of wealth and happiness while creating a legacy.

Learn more about Nicola Smith Jackson by visiting her website and checking out her Facebook and Instagram page.

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