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Legendary Musician Iftach Kerzner Shares His Take on the Music Scene

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Iftach Kerzner, or Ifty as he’s popularly known, is a top musician, singer, songwriter, and TV host. The sensational artist is one of Israel’s most significant writers, with his two songs, “A Million Stars” and “In Our Kindergarten,” being taught in schools across the country. He has massive experience in the music world with numerous notable career moments. A master’s degree holder in government and political science, Ifty composed the song “A Million Stars” dedicated to the Lebanese war and a single that became one of the most recognized songs across the country. 

In addition to his music career, Ifty is also known for his role as the host of the Israeli kids’ channel, Arutz HaYeladim. He also wrote a successful weekly column named “Ifty Cent” on the popular Israeli web portal “Walla!”

Though his star has been shining in the music scene, Iftydescribes the industry as very difficult to be in. You are constantly judged in the public eye about how you sound, how you look, and the quality of work you put out there. Ifty also believes that the situation is even worse for artists in the modern world where everyone has so many opportunities and the freedom to air their opinions. 

But what’s more important is that you can overcome all this if you put in the work and maintain an unquestionable work ethic. Ifty gives his best in his music and the songs he writes with an undying desire to create a better and bigger track every time he hits the studio. 

“I cannot say I ever found a way to completely overcome this hardship, but as I grew older, I think I grew more confident in my art and also gained a level of mental stability that was required to handle all the pressure of being known and having your deepest thoughts and pains discussed by the public,” Ifty explains.   

To every aspiring artist out there, Ifty believes you can achieve whatever you have always desired. You don’t necessarily need to pave the way yourself, as what matters is the self-belief and confidence you have in your potential. In fact, it’s much easier for you to showcase your abilities and talent in our modern social media-driven world. Create a brand that brings out your authenticity, and it’ll be just a matter of time before success comes your way. More importantly, Ifty emphasizes the need to be hardworking and resilient as there is no guarantee it will be easy. Success is never meant to come easy, and that’s why you have to work hard every day.

In the coming years, Ifty sees himself continuing to focus on his role as the president of Kissterra, a high-tech company where he is also a co-founder. It’s an ambitious company that builds technology to help US insurance carriers improve their marketing and distribution. But Ifty is certain to also continue writing and composing songs. His goal is to release new music often and dominate the airwaves. He is also open to writing songs for other artists he believes can better present his message. 

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