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Buzzing Atlanta Artist “ East Atlanta Montana “ Drops New Video “ Burn Out “ Prod By Shawn

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East Atlanta Montana is a recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia, from an area in Atlanta known as Zone 6. Growing up in this area was tough, but Montana’s mom made the best of it while raising four kids alone. She even moved them to better regions to keep them out of trouble, but Montana still found difficulty as a juvenile. He was in and out of detention centers and on house arrest where he used his mom’s laptop to record music and ended up in more trouble and got involved with gangs and recorded music dissing rival gang members that would later cause altercation at school and would later call him sent off to a military program for six months where he would change his life around and receive his GED. After he came back, he formed a group called Gwalla Boyz. The group created a buzz throughout Atlanta and was offered management and label situations but couldn’t agree because it had so many members, and they split. Still, CEO Mario, the brother, and manager of East Atlanta, Montana, kept the name and made a promotion team with Montana. They threw parties in the Atlanta area, and the name became even more significant. They used those connections and artists that would perform and later become megastars as links to get into the music industry.

Montana and CEO Mario finally got in the studio and used these connections, with Coca Vango being one of the connections and a good friend of CEO Mario and Lil Quill meeting CEO Mario they came together to create Montana’s first single released as a Jugg Rich artist She Poppin’ ft. Coca Vango & Lil Quill. It made a huge buzz for Montana. He got back in the studio and started working with a high school friend and producer name ArmaunDidIt and recorded a song called 7 ft. Coca Vango, dedicated to his grandma, would gamble, and her lucky numbers would be 777. He would constantly see the numbers after he watched her take her last breath in a hospital where most of his family is from 777 hemlock St. Macon, Ga, so he did his research and found out that those were angel numbers and reassurance that he was moving on a path towards something better. Montana kept going and got back to recording with ArmaunDidIt and finally released a single called I’m Guwop ft.
Lil Quill brought even more attention, and he would start to do free shows around Georgia and take his team with him. The promoters wanted him to come back and tried to pay him. His story is a genuine rag to riches story. Montana would go from sleeping in his car and on a friends and family couch to becoming a household name, getting booked for paid shows and paid features from artists from different states and countries. The deal offers to come from left to right. He was making it hard for him to decide his next move. He chose to stay independent and control his destiny and is in a very great space financially. Montana is still dropping music and now has a global core fanbase. He’s in the studio getting ready to release a project that sounds like his best work called “No Handouts,” bragging about his success without help from any major labels with the help of his team of producers and management. Montana has a bright future ahead of him, and he plans on using earnings from the music to start his label and mentoring artists and building a restaurant named after his grandmother, and getting into real estate.

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