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Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi: The rising young musical artist wishes to disrupt the music industry.

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At 19 years, he has been giving his all to showcase his best version as a musician.


There are tons of talented beings in this world, but still, a few go ahead in turning our heads and catching our attention? Ever wondered why? Well, there are multiple factors, but no one can deny the power of hard work, confidence and determination. Showing the same many individuals so far have crossed boundaries in their respective industries, and one amongst them is also Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi, a 19-year-old youngster who has spellbound people in Iran and now is looking forward to doing the same in other parts of the world.


Who is Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi, you wonder? He is all about his true love for music and his innate skills in understanding tones, notes and everything else related to music. To naturally have knowledge about the same is something only the rarest of music professionals of the world have, and Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi radiates the same excellence and natural prowess. However, what has fascinated people more is the fact that he has grown as an individual and as a professional with multiple talents.


Apart from being in the cryptocurrency space as a bitcoin investor and entrepreneur and besides authoring his book “Billion Experiences of Cryptocurrencies”, he is also an actor and now is jumping deep into the music space for the love he has realized for music and the desires he has to earn massive momentum and success with each of his tracks. Spotify streams two of his tracks already, which are named “Love Me” and “Anytime”, which is increasingly gaining traction and the recognition it truly deserves.


Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi is all set to prove his mettle as a young professional in the musical world and can’t wait to come up with many more tracks to soothe the ears of listeners and music lovers. To know more, follow him on Instagram @hosseinabadimatin or Facebook,

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