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Tamairo Moutry Making Real Estate Investment and Education Accessible to All

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Real estate has proven to be a goldmine for centuries, and while it is a prominent investment scheme, many people do not know the first thing about investing in real estate. This explains why celebrity real estate broker and life coach Tamara Moury has built a business out of educating people about real estate investments and brokering real estate deals.

Tamairo Moury has built a reputation as a real estate investor and real estate instructor who teaches, coaches, trains and mentors Celebrities, Hip Hop and R&B Artists, Realtors, Brokers and Real Estate Investors. She is also a real estate broker who owns four virtual real estate companies in Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia and Florida. In addition, she is well-versed in acquiring luxury properties for out-of-state and international real estate clients, teaching them to invest and grow their real estate portfolios.

Her companies offer a one-stop-shop concierge real estate service that facilitates the purchase processes and makes it easier for her clients to scale their real estate holdings. Those services include traditional and commercial real estate sales and private mortgage lending, luxury real estate, new construction and real estate development. Outside her real estate business, she has a strong presence on social media, where she runs a Facebook real estate group called “Top Women in Real Estate” with more than 13,000 ladies as members. She points them in the direction of what to invest in and how to go about it.

Her over 17 years of experience in the real estate field has given her profound knowledge of the crucial things every real estate investor must know. With a strong background in mortgage lending and professional teaching, it has been effortless to combine her teaching abilities with her mortgage and real estate knowledge. Since she left her professional teaching career in 2004 to become a real estate investor, she has tried her hands on being a loan officer and mortgage broker before starting her mortgage firm.

She has often made the news for being the real estate broker who started four real estate companies in different states within six years. The market crash of 2008 aided her decision-making process to become a realtor in Wisconsin in 2009, and her growth has been exponential since then. “My companies encompass a multifaceted real estate approach by offering celebrities, Hip-hop and R&B artists a one-stop-shop concierge service to out-of-state and international real estate investors. This is a turn-key service that handles funding, acquisition, inspections, renovations, and property management. In addition, I’m offering courses, coaching and mentoring to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base.

Tamairo Moutry also helps real estate investors and enthusiasts access funding whether they want to purchase primary luxury properties or investment properties. She also facilitates private lending in all 50 states in the U.S. With her desire for freedom still in place, Tamairo Moutry helps her clients achieve freedom through her companies while doing one thing that many people do not do – helping celebrities. Her five-year goals are to work with as many celebrities as possible and other investors looking to scale and grow their real estate portfolios. She also hopes to grow her real estate wholesaling business, organize real estate investing tours in various states, and continue my luxury sales and real estate development in Florida, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Tamairo Moutry wants everyone to watch out for her upcoming startup, a legitimate rent-to-own program designed to help people become homeowners more quickly.

Learn more about Tamairo Moutry on her website.

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