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On The Rise: Rapper and R&B Artist, Lotis Music

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Rapper & R&B artist, Lotis Music, is from Nashville, Tennessee the city of music. This emerging talent has big plans for his career! In addition to pursuing his dreams, Lotis is ensuring a solid foundation. The 22 year old is a TennesseeState University student, is well respected by his peers and professors for being able to attend and manage school all while living out his dreams. (Taking a page straight of Megan The Stallion’s book!) Lotis recently detailed his upbringing and the birth of his stage name to Juke Box Culture. Hard work and determination are not new concepts for the aspiring artist:

“I got my stage name from the “Lotus Flower Bomb” record by Wale. Being a fan of Wale, I thought the name was dope so I changed it up & went with it……Life has always been a hustle, growing up it was cool. My pops always made sure I had a hustle. I was making my own money & being independent early……I got into the music scene late 2017, which would be my senior year in high school. In Nashville Tennessee Teen Parties were huge. I built my name selling shirts & CD’s at these events.”

Getting to perform with the likes of Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, City Girls, and Blueface in the early stages of his career not only gave Lotis the boost that he needed, but the unwavering support from his hometown to start off with! Bouncing back and forth between Nashville and Atlanta, Lotis has built strong promotional campaigns surrounding his music. While currently pushing his single “One Day” off of his latest album Fresh Prince, which has racked in over 40,000 views on YouTube since September, Curating a never ending vibe for the ladies, songs like “One Day” (which samples Young Joc’s, “It’s Going Down”), “Forever Yourz”, & ‘Risk it All’ definitely set the vibe up for a flirty girl summer!

Artist development is a process that is often overlooked in today’s society. While embracing what it will take to achieve longevity in music, Lotis is sure to make his name for himself. When he is not working, Lotis reading to the kids in the community and making plans to own multiple businesses to ensure that his family will never have to work.

“It’s deeper than me,….. In 5 years, I see myself touring, I would have a couple of projects on Billboard, plenty of dope industry visuals, features, & award show performances. Acting in films, along with endorsements from big name brands, while also putting my Mom & Dad in a position to chill, because they’ve worked so hard.”

Lotis also lists Toosii on his collaboration wishlist. With “You Don’t GRIND You Don’t SLEEP” as his motto, we should expect an incredible line-up of things to come up and coming artist. To stay updated on LotisMusic’s next release follow him on Instagram! And check out the visual to “One Day” off of his latest project Fresh Prince HERE! !

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