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LALovetheboss Announces Music Video for Her Summer Single, “Monkey.”

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The hip-hop extraordinaire translates her bold lyrics and beats into a visual representation of her creativity, sexuality, and musicality. 


Atlanta, GA: LALovetheboss released her debut single “Monkey” in May 2021, and fans had been anxiously awaiting its music video since. An ode to female empowerment and sizzling summer energy, the “Monkey” music video exclusively premiered at her release party in Atlanta, GA June 30th. Following the premiere, LALovetheboss listeners everywhere are able to stream the highly anticipated production on YouTube. In the video, we see LALovetheboss’ bold dance moves on full display.

My new video for ‘Monkey’ is bananas and it can’t be a monkey without a jungle,” said LALovetheboss. The concept of the music video is just a lot of flavor. It’s us just being in our natural essence as women. I really just stepped out of my comfort zone.”

Filmed in Los Angeles and Burbank, the video was inspired by the digitized, green screen world of arcade games. The concept of the video, which follows LALovetheboss through a series of virtual reality-like experiences, perfectly combines head-turning colors and unapologetic sexual innuendos. The neon visuals and cartoon-like aesthetic will make you feel like you stepped straight into the world of an M-rated video game in the best way.

Much of the visuals are thanks to costume designer Lor-e Philips, who dressed LALovetheboss in stand-out ensembles. The “Monkey” music video was directed by Karla Escobar, and the creative concept was thought up by Steve Nguyen, Alease Garrett, and LALovetheboss all of which helped bring the lyrics to life on camera. Catch the release of the “Monkey” music video starting June 30, 2021 on YouTube. Stream “Monkey” now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. Stay updated on LALovetheboss’upcoming drops, exciting announcements, and exclusive content by joining her community of more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram @LALoveTheBoss.

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