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These Producers are making noise in their city

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Beatdown Music 

Toronto, Canada native Beatdown music has shown a interest in music from the tender age of 6. As he grew up so did his curiosity , which he fed by exploring the drums and later on the family piano.  He has a music background that stems from his genes – his parents.  Early memories include the sound of his dad playing gospel on the bass or his moms choir singing on Sundays. As the times changed so did the music and Beatdown showed an appreciation of all kinds while exploring the different genres, this process helped him discover which direction he was going to take. He is inspired by DMX, Mobb Deep, Dblock, Dipset Timberland, Scott Storch & Zaytoveen.  Beatdown Music has his own style and is gaining popularity in Toronto. Beatdown Music has a  strong belief that music is simply an act of expression and respect to all genres makes him a producer with a promising future.

Dj Bander

Dj Bander is no stranger to the influence music can have on one’s life. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and a Los Angeles transplant, DJ Bander is a lifelong master pianist who studied Jazz composition at Musician’s Institute and Brooklyn Academy of Music. He also studied orchestration at USC school of music. This background in composition led DJ Bander to his path of skills in music production and vocal arrangement. Dj Bander charts on iTunes Dance Top 100 chart with his hit single “Fast”. Lands at spot #46 securing a top 50 position on iTunes and solidifying DJ Bander as an undeniable presence in the music industry. Out doing even Daft Punk and David Guetta, DJ Bander is humbled and excited for his future endeavors which include more releases this year as well as the development of his successful marketing and production company, Bander Productions.


With the emergence of new music coming to the spotlight in 2020 and 2021, music producer “Uriah” is having a massive impact on the industry. With his unique production style he has help create new sub-genres, bring exposure to artists and gain the attention of Influencers. One of the popular sub Genres is “Trap conscious Musik” lead by popular musician ShaiVA. He is proving to have the qualities of a hit maker with millions streaming songs produced by him. Born and raised in Virginia he has made it a mission to showcase the talent in his state. Having production credits for over 20 projects in 2020 alone he has quickly gained a solid fanbase from listeners all around the world. When you hear his notable “Uriah” tag you know your in for a treat.


Recently signed to Universal,  Artist/Rapper RetroFACE  is from Vancouver Island BC.

Born and raised around music influences, he has been hard at work creating his sound and finding his voice through artists like Tobi Lou and Joji. The unique thing about RetroFACE is his ability to produce all his own music. He is the definition of “do it yourself.” Coming from a lineup of past music endeavours, RetroFACE has fine-tuned his writing process over the years immaculately, and has solidified himself as a leading producer in the Hiphop/R&B music scene. With a story to back up the new era sound in his music, you can be sure to expect many great things in the future from this Canadian born musician.

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