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Rapper YB Is Making A Big Statement

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Hip-Hop Artist and Business Mogul YB is a person we all should know. Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas YB has successfully run 2 Independent Record Labels with his Wife, Tammy Farris.

The Hip-Hop star is no small artist and has grown over 22k followers on Instagram, 100k monthly listeners and millions of streams across the board. It’s safe to say YB has been a Silent Killer in the music industry.

We asked YB what his inspiration is and he had this to say, “My inspiration comes from life itself. I’m a very reflective person so I’m most creative when I allow myself the time to sit, be still, and absorb what’s happening around me.”

YB recently released a 10/10 EP titled, “No Warnings”. The EP is phenomenal, consisting of hard instrumentals and smooth lyricism. What YB has in store has us on the edge of our seats! Follow YB @yb.official on Instagram!

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