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YouTube Leveled Up Another Notch!

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Lyon Cohen penned an exciting newsletter to that YouTube has crossed 50 million Music and Premium subscribers! . In his letter, he goes on to describe what an honor it is to build a membership that allows people to more deeply immerse themselves in music, learning, fashion, gaming, and more, all the while supporting the creators and artists that make it possible. Music and Premium subscriptions are key pillars of YouTube’s monetization, enabling unique content and communities to flourish.
His goal is to add new features and benefits for their members, while focusing on creating experiences at the intersection of watching and engaging diversity of voices. YouTube recently announced that they have paid out $4B to the music industry in the past 12 months.

Max Lousada, CEO, Recorded Music, Warner Music Group
“We live in a highly visual attention economy, and YouTube has led the way in UGC and fan expression. Music has always been a pivotal part of their platform, so it’s great to see them become a dynamic force in subscription streaming too. We look forward to collaborating on many more creative campaigns that amplify our artists and ignite cultural moments all over the world. Congratulations to Susan, Robert, Lyor and the entire YouTube team.”

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group
“Our trailblazing agreement over three years ago with YouTube established a foundation for their commitment to subscription that led to the launch of YouTube Music. Today, that approach was more than validated as their service passed the 50 million subscriber milestone. Congratulations to Susan Wojcicki and her team for this important accomplishment.”

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