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VUDUMANE Should Be On Everyone’s Radar.

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Superstar artist Vudumane out of Atlanta, GA is as smooth as they come, with a great vocal, some of the best fashion you’ll find and the connections to add to his resumé Vudumane is the name we all should be talking about.

Amassing over 600k Followers on Instagram and Millions of Streams, Vudumane is amongst the 13% of all Spotify users to have successfully done over 1 Million streams, not an easy task.

When we talked with Vudumane and asked him his inspiration he said, “My biggest inspirations are my Girl and My Family.” Plain and Simple Vudumane didn’t get here today by trying to find the easy way out, he worked hard and he made it happen.
Stay tuned for what is next for this superstar. Follow him on Instagram @vudumane

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